AMLD Women’s Leadership Masterclass

Let Me Show You EXACTLY How To Lead with Confidence

Earn Your Seat at the Table without ANY Certification or additional Education WHATSOEVER!!

It’s Time to Rise like the Phoenix you were meant to be!

Reserve Your AMLD Women’s Leadership Masterclass  for November 1, 2021 

Take a look at the daily schedule

DAY 1: Monday, November 1st @ 3PM EST.

Identifying your leadership call sign.

You no longer need to sit on the sidelines and watch others advance in their field. Instead, I am going to show you how to find your leadership purpose and passion and how to use it to leverage your agenda. 

DAY 2: Tuesday, November 2nd @ 3PM EST.

Removing limiting beliefs mindset.

Before you can embrace your true leadership potential, you need to have a clear understanding of self and others. I will show you how removing limiting beliefs can catapult you into the realm of super star leadership both personally and professionally.

DAY 3: Wednesday, November 3rd @ 3PM EST.

Leadership mindset shift

Now that you have removed your limiting beliefs, let’s get into the leadership mindset shift. This is where the rubber meets the road and where you understand how walking in your truth is the greatest act of leading there is. You will move from being a passenger to being the driver. You will move, think, and act differently.

DAY 4: Thursday, November 4th @ 3PM EST.

The confidence killer

Doubt and a lack of confidence is not your fault. Learn real world steps to build that rock star leadership quality you desire. Find your leadership purpose and change the trajectory of your leadership path and career. This training will give you the skillset to embody the leadership attributes needed for women leaders in 2021 and beyond.


Here’s what will happen in

4 Days

    Identify your leadership super power.

    Create the vision and foundation for your leadership platform

    Understand how to use emotional and social intelligence

    Learn how to play the game and create your seat at the table

    Crush imposter syndrome and the limiting beliefs keeping you from your destiny

    Begin your path of women leadership in 2021 and beyond

When you join us for the 4-day Women Leadership Masterclass, you’ll receive:


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Access to our private community


Women Leadership Masterclass Worksheets

A guide to assist you in your leadership Masterclass journey and prime you for success

[VALUE: $500]

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