AMLD The Confident Woman Masterclass

Let Me Show You EXACTLY How To Build Your Confidence and

Boss Up To Land Or Close That Deal or Ideal Client without ANY Certification or additional Education


It’s Time to Walk Into That Room Like The Beast You Were Meant To Be!

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Starting Monday, October 18th at 3 PM EST

DAY 1: Monday, October 18th @ 3PM EST.

The Destroyer of Confidence

The reasons behind why you lack confidence goes beyond the realm of self-doubt. As the layers reveal themselves, identify the key aspects that influence and guide your personal and professional ability to plan, execute, and flourish. Let’s discuss those things keeping you from fulfilling your destiny.

DAY 2: Tuesday, October 19th @ 3PM EST

Eradicating Limiting Beliefs

Before you can truly understand how powerful of an individual you are, you need to understand the psychology of self and others. I will show you how to fundamentally remove limiting beliefs while providing you a platform for you to create your own personalized keys to success.

DAY 3: Wednesday, October 20th @ 3 PM EST

The Confident Mindset Shift

No longer fear success and no longer suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out). Now that you have removed your limiting beliefs, let’s start creating that confident mindset shift that will take you from the starting blocks into the big league.

DAY 4: Thursday, October 21st @ 3 PM EST

The Plan

If you don’t have a plan, plan to fail. Let’s make sure that failure is not an option. Let’s create that plan to not only sustain your confidence but to also have your confidence continually grow as you evolve into that Confident Woman.


Here’s what will happen in

4 Days

When you join us for the 4-day The Confident Woman Masterclass, you’ll receive:

4 days of LIVE TRAINING [VALUE: $997]

Access to our private community [VALUE: BEYOND PRICELESS]

And The Confident Women Masterclass Worksheets

A guide to assist you in your leadership bootcamp journey and prime you for success [VALUE: $500]

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AMLD The Confident Woman Masterclass

December 6th-9th 2021

AMLD The Confident Woman Masterclass

February 7th-10th 2022

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