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American Management and Leadership by Design is a multi-service management consulting company that specializes in helping women advance from the 5 to 6 and 7 figure career and business venture by giving them the tools to control their future, overcome impostor syndrome, help manage their intellectual assets, and to dominate in their respective profession.


Dr. Andrea Diese

Every day I am fueled by the fire and passion of knowing that it is within our power to make the changes needed to succeed. When the need for change moves from concept to actualization, it is only then that the real transition occurs. Stop talking about the person or organization that you want to be. Be the person or organization that others want to emulate. Let’s live that life now and take the journey of transformation together. Oversight is not an excuse; it is a missed opportunity. – Dr. Andrea Diese



Leadership Training

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  • Emotional Intelligence
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Executive Coaching

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  • Thought-Provoking
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Org. Analyses And Assessments

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  • Action Plan
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What People say

Tracey Harvey

Tracey Harvey

The TCT Design Firm

Category: Leadership Coaching and Training

  Dr. Andrea Diese is a powerful, thoughtful & inspiring leader. Participating in the AMLD Women’s Leadership Masterclass was one of the best decisions one can make when seeking to elevate as a leader. Dr. Diese using her passion and expertise to touch on all of the most important aspects of leadership and provides actionable solutions that work. I highly recommend coaching and training from Dr. Diese & AMLD; the experience is life-changing.

Angela Marlo-Coleman

Angela Marlo-Coleman

Leadership Coaching and Training

Category: Leadership Training

  Hey Dr. Diese. First, I want to say THANK YOU…THANK YOU…THANK YOU!!! The training was amazing.  I left with so many gems and nuggets it was unbelievable. All the speakers were awesome from Oliver Allen to Melvin Brown. And of course, I would be remised if I didn’t mention Mr. Jamal Vallair, who was simply fantastic!!  Again, thank you for providing a platform for leaders obtain a new skill set, learn new perspectives and gain confidence.

Angela Jenkins

Angela Jenkins, MPS

President and CEO of Spectrum Partners

Category: Leadership and Organizational Analysis

    Dr. Diese always displays as a great listener and follow-through in approaching organizational challenges with poise and grace.  As assistance was provided during the post 911 surge of activities with the US Army, nothing less is expected for the future. The best is expected of her endeavors and future company growth.

James Taylor

James Taylor

Director of Data Management

Category: Executive Leadership Training and Coaching

    I’ve known and worked with and for Dr. Diese since 2005. She has coached me through both structured leadership training and mentoring. Her capability to always stay focused on multiple tasks simultaneously through her organizational skills has always led each task towards a successful solution.


Melanie Klinghoffer

Melanie Klinghoffer, JD, LLM

Category: Peer Collaboration

   Dr. Diese is focused and is very attuned with what drives individuals and businesses today. With her leading AMLD, she will ensure that you receive robust services with 5-star care.

Joseph Clay

Joseph E. Clay

Vice President - Human Capital Management Transformation at Oracle

Category: Leadership Training

    I have known and worked with Dr. Diese for many years. AMLD is a great resource and can really help you drive your personal and professional brand.

Kara Allan - 2

Kara Allan

Celebrity Stylist & Brand Image Consultant

Category: Strategic Planning

  I worked with Dr. Andrea and she changed my life.