Trainings On Demand

AMLD The Confident Woman

In this 4-part VIP training, learn how to build your confidence and how to boss up to land or close that deal. Learn the steps to gain that confidence to become the person you knew you could be. It’s time to walk into that room like the beast you were meant to be!

AMLD Women’s Leadership Masterclass

Learn how to lead with confidence, earn your seat at the table, and command the room like a boss in this 4-part VIP training. It’s time to rise like the Phoenix you were meant to be. Learn how to lead with the best of them.

What Is Your Worth?

Too often women minimize and devalue their value and worth. We say, you’re priceless. Let’s discuss perceptions of self-value and worth and how to view ourselves as the prize.

Leadership Mindset Shift

Understanding how walking in your truth, your passion, and purpose for serving and meeting the needs of others is the greatest act of leading there is. Learn that all important leadership mindset shift and how to use it to become the leader you always wanted to be.

Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs

Before you can embrace your true potential, you need to have a clear understanding of self and others. Removing limiting beliefs can catapult you into the realm of a super star, both personally and professionally.

The Destroyer of Confidence

The reasons behind why you lack confidence goes beyond the realm of self-doubt. Let’s discuss those things keeping you from fulfilling your destiny and learn the steps to overcome them.

The Confident Mindset Shift

No longer fear success and no longer suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out). Learn how to create that confident mindset shift that will take you from the starting blocks into the big league.

Office Politics and Emotional Intelligence

The professional landscape has changed, and the evolving variants of Covid-19 have added new dimensions to the complexities of office politics. Learn how to use of emotional intelligence to build your team, manage your culture, and more.

How To Improve Your Network

How does one remain professionally competitive and build one’s network with quality and quantity? Factor in the Great Resignation and labor shortage. Is every connection a good connection? Find out how to have substance and strategy today.