September 29, 2023

Leadership is a multifaceted concept that encompasses various styles, practices, and approaches. Better yet, think of it as a kaleidoscope; constantly shifting and changing into something new. From charismatic and transformational to situational leadership, leaders often draw from a diverse array of strategies to engage their followers. However, amidst the spectrum of leadership styles lies a fundamental aspect that defines not just how a leader leads, but why they lead – their leadership value. We will delve into the distinction between leadership style and leadership value, explore the steps to identify your unique leadership value, and unravel how understanding it can catalyze growth and success within your organization. In other words, be prepared to take copious notes because this is going to be super good.
Differentiating Leadership Style and Leadership Value
Leadership Style: A leadership style refers to the specific approach a leader employs to guide, motivate, and influence their team. Styles can range from authoritative to collaborative, from transactional to servant leadership. A leadership style is often observable in the leader’s behaviors, decisions, and interactions with their team.
Leadership Value: Conversely, leadership value delves into the core principles, beliefs, and motivations that drive a leader’s actions and decisions. It’s the foundation upon which their leadership style is built. Leadership value is often not as apparent as a style but is deeply embedded in a leader’s character and philosophy.
Understanding this distinction is pivotal, as it’s possible for leaders to adopt different styles in various situations while still adhering to a consistent underlying value.
Uncovering Your Leadership Value: Steps to Self-Discovery
Here is where we figure out ‘what’s your jam’? Identifying your leadership value requires introspection and self-awareness. Here are some steps to help you uncover your core leadership value:
**1. ** Reflect on Your Motivations: Ask yourself why you chose leadership in the first place. (This is not an answer you provide lightly). What really drives you to lead? Is it the desire to inspire, to create positive change, or to empower others? Understanding your motivations can provide insight into your leadership value.
**2. ** Analyze Your Decisions: Look back at the decisions you’ve made as a leader. What common thread or principle connects these decisions? Are they driven by fairness, innovation, or collaboration? Analyzing your decision-making process can reveal your underlying value.
**3. ** Seek Feedback: Gather feedback from colleagues, peers, and subordinates. Ask them about the impact your leadership has had on them and the organization. And in order to obtain the truth, create a safe environment where employees won’t be concerned about the blow back or reprisal from providing their perspectives. Their perceptions can provide valuable clues about your leadership value.
**4. ** Identify Your Inspirations: Reflect on the leaders who have inspired you. What qualities or principles from their leadership resonate with you the most? These inspirations can shed light on your own leadership value.
**5. ** Connect with Your Passions: Consider the aspects of leadership that genuinely excite and energize you. Is it mentoring, problem-solving, or fostering innovation? These passions can reveal the areas where your leadership value shines. This should be your feel-good area.
**6. ** Evaluate Your Legacy: Imagine the legacy you want to leave behind as a leader. What impact do you aspire to make? Defining your desired legacy can help clarify your leadership value.
Empowering Growth Through Leadership Value
Understanding and embracing your leadership value extends beyond personal development – it positively impacts your followers and employees as well. Here’s how:
**1. ** Inspiring Alignment: When your leadership style aligns with your value, it creates authenticity. Your team senses your sincerity, fostering trust and confidence in your leadership. This alignment resonates with your employees, encouraging them to follow suit.
**2. ** Fostering a Purpose-Driven Culture: Leaders who are connected to their value inspire a purpose-driven culture. Your commitment to a specific value encourages your team to embrace shared values, leading to a cohesive and motivated workforce.
**3. ** Empowering Employee Development: Your leadership value sets an example for your team’s growth. By embracing continuous learning and improvement aligned with your value, you empower your employees to do the same. This, in turn, nurtures a culture of growth and development.
**4. ** Creating Mentorship Opportunities: When your leadership value involves empowering others, you naturally become a mentor. Your value-driven leadership opens opportunities for mentorship, fostering professional and personal growth within your organization.
**5. ** Boosting Employee Engagement: Understanding your value enables you to tailor your leadership to the unique needs of your employees. When your approach resonates with their aspirations, it boosts engagement and commitment.
The Significance of Leadership Values
Research supports the importance of leadership values in organizational success. According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, leaders who focus on building a strong moral and ethical foundation tend to lead more successful and sustainable organizations. A Gallup study also found that employees are more engaged and motivated when they perceive their leaders as ethical and values-driven.
Elevate Your Leadership with American Management and Leadership by Design
At American Management and Leadership by Design (AMLD), we believe that understanding your leadership value is pivotal for driving positive change. Our leadership and executive coaching programs are designed to help you uncover your core values, align them with your leadership approach, and create a lasting impact within your organization.
Our programs focus on:
Values Assessment: Discover the values that drive you and shape your leadership journey.
Alignment Strategies: Align your actions and decisions with your leadership values for consistent and impactful leadership.
Follower Empowerment: Learn how to inspire your team by exemplifying values-driven leadership.
By understanding and embracing your leadership value, you can elevate your leadership stature, cultivate a culture of trust, and lead your organization toward long-term success.
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Beyond leadership styles lies the heart of effective leadership – your leadership value. It’s the ethical and moral compass that guides your decisions, shapes your interactions, and empowers your team. As leaders, understanding your leadership value is essential for authentic leadership and creating a positive impact on your followers and organization. With the guidance of American Management and Leadership by Design, you can uncover your leadership value and drive meaningful change that resonates throughout your organization. Embrace your values, lead authentically, and watch as your leadership transforms lives and organizations.
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